Man Found Stray Kitten Clinging to Truck and Knew He Had to Help..

A kind-hearted man saw two little white boots under a truck by the tire and found a tiny kitten clinging to it. Her cat mother ran away and left her behind, so the man knew he had to help.

Meet Axel!

Courtesy: JustAnotherGoodGuy

“She was just hiding under the truck after the mama ran away. The mama is a stray who has been living in the office park for at least a couple of years,” reddit user justanothergoodguy told Love Meow.

The man waited for the cat mother to return but she never did. He checked everywhere for other kittens but couldn’t find any. The little stray who was clinging to the tire, was the only kitten there. He took a photo and sent it to his wife.

“My husband sent this picture and said ‘can I bring it home?’ That’s his hand. Who could say no to that face?”

Courtesy: JustAnotherGoodGuy